Photo Stories: “Witness Statement” and “Ancestral Astronomy”

Image of a correfoc, or fire run: backlit figures running with fireworks sparking all around them.We had a rare situation occur with this photo prompt: a tie. So we decided to publish both fine stories.

Witness Statement

We thought they were with us. We thought, they’re just more of the same, like us lot. Kids from I dunno, the high school, or round by Creek End. Truth, I just laughed, we all did. And Sami, laughing and laughing like the idiot.

They turned, and one of ‘em danced like. At us, as it was. At me, and Sami beside me. I dunno, their faces all scarfed over. Do I look like I knowed them, like I saw the knife in time? Did Sami? No way. He’d dance with anyone, he’s like that.

Was. He was like that.

Pam Swanborough lives in rural Victoria, Australia. She has short stories published in Australia and America, and a first novel coming out this year.


Ancestral Astronomy

Tonight we brace the dark and cold as our warm, bundled bodies fill the streets with anticipation of another lap around the sun. The crisp air builds with laughter and whistles until the big bang. Remnants of stardust, we construct the cosmos in our hands, mimicking the heavens and proclaiming our existence to the universe above. We are still here. Our world glows in layers of strontium, copper, and barium. Carbon and ash cling to my clothes, and for a brief moment, I understand tradition. I am the particle of creations that came before. In knowing this, I look up.

Alexis Lynde is a recent graduate of California State University Bakersfield. She enjoys writing articles, poems, and short stories. This is her first published work.

Photo credit: Josep Enric

2 Responses to “Photo Stories: “Witness Statement” and “Ancestral Astronomy””

  1. Joyce says:

    Witness Statement: I come to this page to read this over and over again. The witness’ voice and the story really resonate with me, and that word at the end, “was,” packs a powerful punch. Very well done.

  2. Paula Ardron says:

    Wonderful Alexis!

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