Photo Story: Bruised

rotten peachHer peaches and bruised complexion haunt the flat. Bandaged in oversized sweaters, she’s shrinking.
 He spills over the couch, thick skinned, swelling as he chews upon her nerve.
 He indicates for her to sit in the tiny space he’s made. She makes her excuses, frightened of him, but more frightened still of her diminishing frame slipping down into the leathery crevices of the couch where coins that worked themselves loose of his pockets and detritus that escaped his fat lips are buried. 
Later, when the dark void in his face tells her he’s asleep, she slips out of the door.

Elaine McKay lives in Scotland with her husband and four young children. One of her current projects involves being a contributor to Flash Dogs, an anthology.

Photo Credit:  Steven Depolo

10 Responses to “Photo Story: Bruised”

  1. Jennifer Dawn says:

    I love this! The image you get from reading this is relevant to our global world, and relatable to probably almost anyone. Beautifully written poetry like this is what inspires aspiring writers such as myself to keep trying 🙂

    • Elaine McKay says:

      Thank you very much. That’s a huge compliment.I am an aspiring writer myself.With this story the words seem to have fallen into the right place, but I do wish it would happen more often !

  2. George says:

    Hi Elaine,

    This is a lovely ethereal piece of writing, and so thickly sensual besides – a very nice accomplishment indeed! I wonder: Have you written – or thought of writing – a series of such pieces to make up a sort of themed collection?

    I’d love to read something of that length written in this style.


    • Elaine McKay says:

      Thanks so much for your comments, George. I would love to write a collection of stories that were linked.I might give it some thought.Thank you again for the encouragement.

  3. Simon Pinkerton says:

    Lovely story Elaine, beautifully evocative description.

  4. Kathryn Rose says:

    Amazing! I love love love it. Excellent piece of flash!

  5. Krystyna Fedosejevs says:

    Congratulations, Elaine, on this stunning evocative #1 flash!


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