Photo Story: Comrades

January 2015 prompt picAunt Enid did not look like the rest of us, although she bore the slightest resemblance to Aunt Grace. Inevitable, I suspected, for two women who lived together their entire lives, dining from the same limited menu, breathing the same air, leaving the same swirls of dust in their wakes. They were discovered one day in 1927 bound in death and each other’s stiff arms, not like sisters, more like fallen soldiers. Mom, who shared Grace’s broad forehead and thin lips, said they were comrades in their own war. History books make no mention of it, but I eventually understood.



Tom Conlon is a journalist and English teacher living in Northern California.

Photo Credit: Perspektivet Museum

3 Responses to “Photo Story: Comrades”

  1. KenjeMcNeil says:

    Perfect, subtle, poignant encapsulation of two entwined lives! Thank you!

  2. Lorrie Desbien says:

    Beautiful…leaving the same swirls of dust in their wakes…wow. Absolutely lovely.

  3. Kiki Stamatiou says:

    Beautiful story with captivating images. Also, beautiful use of language throughout the piece. Lovely all around.

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