Photo Story: Earth Day

Image of a scantron sheet and a number 2 pencil with a broken point.Your pencil snaps halfway through the SAT. Hand up, you stare at the Earth Day poster above the proctor’s head. It says: We Are The Future!

You think of wildfires, scarlet sun, the autumn heatwave that killed five neighbors. Early freeze blunting crops and yucca blooms, your dad saying, “It never used to snow like this here.” Pulsing dread as the radio murmurs degrees, carbon, too-late-fixes. Your hollow anger running with the coyotes at night.

The proctor materializes.

“I’m done,” you say.

“You need to wait for the end,” she whispers. You watch her leave. Your hand is still raised.

Emily Rivers lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. She seeks to imbue her fiction with connection, mysticism, and a love for all things wild.

Photographer: Josh Davis

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