Photo Story: Goat Yoga

Image of two goats behind a torn fence.We take revenge during goat-yoga class.

A herd of ladies arrive each Saturday, and Friday night we gorge ourselves like horses before a race.

We watch, waiting for one moment: table pose.

When they’re on all fours, we snap into action: climb up on their backs, pose for a picture, then release the coffee bean waterfall right into their highlighted hair.

The group screams! We feign ignorance. Who else can dominate humans this way and go unpunished?

Serving goat cheese with wine tonight, Brittany? Ok.

But remember you’re about to go into downward dog, and none of us are housebroken.

Lisa Fairman a writer and improviser who often daydreams she is a chain-smoking cabaret singer in Paris in the 50s. C’est la vie.

Photo credit: Ian D. Keating

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  1. Kirsten Love says:

    So clever!

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