Photo Story: Listen

Hands tinyHe learned to sign so that he could communicate with her, so that they could share speech without speaking. He learned how to move his hands and where to place his fingers, so rapid, so precise. He made her laugh, that high pitched squeal of sorts that she could not hear. His words were poetry in his hands. It was his actions that angered her. One stupid thing he did and could not explain with finger placed against thumb, just so. He tried to tell her. But she refused to look at his hands. She turned away, would not listen.

Jenn O’Connor is the New York State director of a national nonprofit.  She has written lots of policy briefs, and some fiction in her spare time.  Jenn lives in Albany with a mini-Labradoodle named Zelda.

Photo credit: Artem Struyansky

One Response to “Photo Story: Listen”

  1. Joy Manné says:

    You take us into a different world, sensitively and with conviction. We share the tenderness and depth of the relationship and its constraints. Well done.

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