Photo Story: Now, We’ll Hold Her Forever

Image of safety deposit boxes—one with a key in it.I cup you in my palm, brushing your curls with my thumbnail. The ringlets, once soda-can width, now spiral like tiny quinoa germs.

“Show me, Da.” When I crouch, present you to our daughter, she only pokes your plasticized wrist, mumbling about ice cream.

2856. Still the trial group, but it’s clear Departed Dolls™ perfected their technique long ago. There’s your rooster forearm tattoo, Shrinky Dinked to stick-on earring size. Your lips they’ve painted red: wrong. A color you donned for celebration.

“Shall Ma come home, or stay here, my love?” I ask, but I’m already palming the storage key.


Lauren Kardos (she/her) writes from Washington, DC, but she’s still breaking up with her hometown in Western Pennsylvania. You can find her on Twitter @lkardos.

Photo Credit: Mark Blanchard

One Response to “Photo Story: Now, We’ll Hold Her Forever”

  1. What an interesting piece! I would call it sci-fi/surrealism. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the Shrinky-Dink rooster tattoo.🤓

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