Photo Story: Rigs Full O’ Pigs

Photo of two trucks on a bridge.The squealing of hogs was enough to make his ears bleed. He’d driven all night … Rigs Full O’ Pigs. He liked the sound of that. What he didn’t like was the sound of 130 decibels, second only to the sound of a jet engine, bouncing around inside his brain. He needed a cup of coffee. He’d take a break at the next rest stop. Get out and stretch his legs and give his ears a rest. Else he might drive this bitch right off the bridge, pigs and all. Leave em Achin’ for Some Bacon. He liked the sound of that.


Lisa H. Owens, an award-winning author from North Texas, was a monthly humorist columnist for two years. She is widely published in multiple genres and loves dogs.

Photographer: Thomas Hawk

4 Responses to “Photo Story: Rigs Full O’ Pigs”

  1. Just great! I can see and hear it all! Made me smile…

  2. Tony Press says:

    Nice one!

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