Photo Story: September 2011

I used to think it would be, well, not all hearts and flowers, but, romantic, somehow, more romantic than my parents, that’s for sure. I didn’t mean to be the naïve girl who never did dope or even went to raves, for all the right reasons, but looking back, that was me.

I was eighteen, and then I was twice that.

And so here we are, sex on Tuesdays and Fridays, yoga on Saturdays, football on Sundays. He’s happy so I’m happy.

But if I had one thing to change, we would have chosen a smaller table. I miss footsie.

Tony Press lives near the Pacific. His words appear in JMWW, Rio Grande Review, Toasted Cheese, Boston Literary, BorderSenses, Foundling Review, Switchback, and more. He tries to act with awareness.

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  1. Tony Press says:

    I just need to say: this is a fantastic photo.

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