Photo Story: The Abominable

Lucy could bend even the smallest rays of light to her will. She created her own humidity, burrowed deep, and made dormant things grow. Her only enemies were tedium and despair. Lucy picked ruthless fights, played the princess, and slept like the dead. Sometimes we made love atop mounds of clean laundry. Lucy refracted. She diffused, scattered, and multiplied. I simply reflected. She charmed breezes and coaxed gentle rains, tamed the sun with gelato and laughter and lemonade. She stained the leaves, directed their flight, then cushioned their fall. I just threw snowballs of insecurity and eventually doused her flame.

Michael Snyder lives (and writes) in middle Tennessee. His published works can be found on his website.

13 Responses to “Photo Story: The Abominable”

  1. David Ballenger says:

    Thank you Michael. With every read this touches me more deeply, and not just because I was The Abominable to my own ‘Lucy’.
    Such delicate, evocative imagery.

  2. Letina Kelly says:

    The pictures you draw with your writing are haunting and gorgeous. Loved this so much. The ending was just…wow!

  3. Shivaun says:


  4. TTAI says:

    Congrats! 🙂

  5. Sarah Crysl Akhtar says:

    Michael, this was stunning. I am no fan of nano-fiction but every once in a while, someone forces me to acknowledge the potentials of the form.

  6. Jeff Switt says:

    The writing is exquisite. It is a true talent to draw inspiration from an image that takes not just a tangental turn, but a hard 89-degree deflection, then returns to the image with a brief caress.

    If there was a vote, this wold be mine for the best story I have read here in perhaps 3 years. It’s that damn good.

    Congratulations on its selection.

  7. Michael Snyder says:

    Thank you, Tony. That is very much appreciated.

  8. Tony Press says:

    This is something special — gorgeous, gorgeous language, and all in service to the story.

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