Photo Story: The Doll Inside

They’d tried to forget it, tried to leave it in Raleigh, but it made the trip, hiding amongst the other boxes still sealed from the move. He hesitates, opening it like an old creased photograph. Water fills him, ice cold and rushing. The doll inside never enjoyed; packed carefully, intimately and with good intentions. Caressing its cheek, he regains himself. He finds the card inside, hands it to his waiting wife and watches her face. He stands. They embrace, heads bowed. Its tiny eyes closed, cherubic. She kisses the card before returning it. He uses blue tape like new stitches.

Ryan Dempsey lives with his wife and daughter in Pittsburgh, PA. His written work has appeared in Gravel, The Portland Review, Toasted Cheese, The Molotov Cocktail, and others.

9 Responses to “Photo Story: The Doll Inside”

  1. Maegan says:

    It’s so amazing I might have nightmares !

  2. Ryan Dempsey says:

    Thanks everyone for the encouraging words!

  3. Vess Lang says:

    I love the story, thanks for the emotions and good luck!

  4. Ken Gosse says:

    Powerfully quiet, deeply moving.

  5. Mazin says:

    I think I will regret cheating with this story but I’ll do it anyway

  6. Janice says:

    Very touching. Brett tears to my eyes each time I read it. Amazing visuals. Thank you

  7. Ahmed says:

    Wonderful story I use it for my world book day THANKS ???????

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