Photo Story: The Errand

Image of older hands stirring pots on the stove.Before one sandal kicks off the other by the door; before the run across the busy street, cloth bags fluttering; before the break away from joggers prancing at the stop sign; before sidestepping a complaint of Karens in the park; before the fall on the outcropping and the loss of straps; before the jumping back as the wagon’s handle breaks and the kettles tumble; before the digging in of heels when the cashier tries to stiff them; before the shuffle off the porch into the blinding sun, the mother’s voice trailing after: “Take the wagon. Stainless steel pots are heavy.”


Cheryl Snell‘s books include several poetry collections and her Bombay Trilogy. A classical pianist, she lives in Maryland with her husband, a mathematical engineer.

Photo credit: Damian Siwiaszczyk

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