Photo Story: The Gaps Between

Photograph of a storm over London.They announced on the radio that Freddie was dead. I picked up the phone.

“Come over,” he said.

We mourned over Australian Shiraz, vintage vinyls spinning, tearful voices joined in remembered lyrics.

I told him about my divorce, the sadness of the end. Didn’t say that I’d married the wrong man.

He told me about her, how she needed him, relied on him. Never mentioned love.

As dawn rose pink over the city skyline, we crawled out of his bedsit window. Side by side, we gazed across silent rooftops.

Into the sharp November air, Freddie sang to us about love.


Denise Bayes is a flash fiction writer from the UK, living in Barcelona. Her words appear in NFFD Micro Madness, Retreat West, and Ellipsis zine.

Photographer: Neil Howard

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  1. Tony Press says:

    Simply beautiful.

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