Photo Story: The Riddle of Man’s Desire

Ai the Beautiful was the first woman permitted to join the sangha Buddhist order, and before long half its members abandoned their vows of celibacy driven by lust. The remaining monks devised a plan to end this female invasion. They crafted ten thousand lanterns each with a different riddle inside about men’s carnal desires, something they knew she could know nothing about. Without complaining, she set about answering each riddle until reaching the final one: When is a man’s desire satiated? All the monks leaned in expectantly to hear her answer. That’s easy, she said. When he’s under the ground.


Daniel Moore lives in Hamilton, Ontario, with his partner and two Siamese cats.

2 Responses to “Photo Story: The Riddle of Man’s Desire”

  1. Krystyna says:

    Interesting take on the lantern photo prompt, Daniel. Well written.
    I enjoyed your story. (By the way, greetings from Alberta!)

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