Photo Story: The Scene

Dumpsters in a grafitti-covered alley.We found Reina in a sunlit, graffitied dumpster that she would have liked. She would have admired the vibrant colors and commented on the history of street art dating all the way back to cave drawings. She would have traced the smooth curves of the letters in the air with her finger. She would have recounted, with a grin, our childhood belief that spray paint cans rattle because each one contains a gold nugget. She would have appreciated the scene, but I could not see past the coffee grounds in her hair, the Chinese food takeout box at her feet.

Tamara Stanley lives in beachy southern Delaware with her husband. She is a reader, writer, candy connoisseur, sunshine-lover, and mermaid.

Artist: Silvia Siri

5 Responses to “Photo Story: The Scene”

  1. Kat Cade says:

    I love this story! It gave me goose bumps.

  2. Jerry says:

    The tense of the piece grabbed me first.
    Then I was opened to a happy, child-like, joyful woman’s world. The ending leaves me to wonder “what happened to her?” “How did it ever come to this?”
    And who are “we”? The merely sad? The sorrowfullly stunned? The complicit? The voyeuristic?
    Wonderful is the story that opens the door to more questions.

  3. Tory H says:

    Poignant and so much detail in few words. Excellent!

  4. Emma Corwin says:

    Love the two perspectives we get in this story, allowing us to know Reina’s character, feel the shock that the narrator is experiencing, and also glimpse their relationship. Wonderful job!

  5. M says:

    Wow amazing story

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