PMSing in Standard

PMSingWhat the fudge cake am I even doing here? Jesus this train stinks. Knew I should have gone first class. But oh no, there’s me trying to be frugal down here with the peasants. And here comes the ticket guy again . . . Yes, you’ve seen my ticket. Yes, those are my breasts. No, you do not stand a chance mate. Funny how he notices my tits but fails to see the gypsies flying into the on-board toilet to avoid paying. Knew I should have gone first class. It was only another 15 quid, right now there’s no such thing as recession.


Charlotte Houghton is a student studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Chester in England.

Photo credit: Vasanth Mohan

One Response to “PMSing in Standard”

  1. Jordan says:

    This is a strong piece. I enjoyed the development of the character. That being said, just heads up “gypsy” is actually sort of an offensive term; the actual term is “roma”

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