A broken rearview mirrorIt could be a tire term, or the title to a story about two duckies in the bath. It could be a waterproof turtleneck company, or even a condom-to-neck sex slang. But no, the words have already been combined and given new meaning, a term used when one can’t keep their goddamn eyes on the road, the way he can’t keep his goddamn eyes on the road, so its etymological potential is dead, already used up, not like it was in the beginning, when “rubber” was just “rubber” and “necking” was just “necking,” and their union was shiny and new.

Natalie Warther is a senior writer at 72andSunny and an MFA candidate at Bennington College. She is a prose reader for GASHER Journal. Her fiction has appeared in X-R-A-Y, Thrice Publishing, and Sip Cup, among other publications. Natalie lives in Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Oscar Anton

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