Snapshots of a Crash

11:00 I close my eyes. 10:55 Lights are coming right at us. 10:50 I put my hand on Kareem´s face, he bites my palm fiercely, and loses his grip of the wheel. 10:30 His accusations and my explanations become an entangled sound mass, screaming and crying. 10:00 Kareem´s silence engulfs us. 9:55 The car speeds through heavy traffic. 9:50 Kareem almost runs over an elderly couple. I turn my head and keep looking at them until they disappear into the distance. 9:30 My voice sounds alien, like I’m talking under water, while I confess: “Yes, I slept with Carlos.”

Melanie Taylor Herrera is a bilingual writer (English/Spanish). Her work has appeared in DIVERSE and Americas Magazine. She lives in Panama.

Photo credit: Dana Lyons

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  1. George Davis says:

    Wow! That short but impactful. Definitely a good read

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