An image of the remains of a bird—feathers, bones—splayed on dirt and twigs.Sometimes, he has learned, the eyes of birds weigh more than their brains. Sometimes their bones weigh less than their feathers. Sometimes, while touching her face, he became a boy excited when her eyes exclaimed, “Yes, go on.” Sometimes, undressed, she felt weightless when her body lifted toward him.

None of that extraordinary as the moment she became an etched inscription on a plaque—She Loved, She Would Have, She Was—an odd conjugation of loss, a wound placed within the private museum of his past where light was absorbed after her flight was interrupted by the levitation of accident.

Gary Fincke‘s flash collection The Corridors of Longing was published by Pelekinesis Press in 2022. He is co-editor of the annual anthology Best Microfiction.

Photo Credit: Ludovic Loiseau

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