Tell Me a Story

Photograph of a light blue Pacer toy car.Mom drove a faded blue AMC Pacer. The fabric seats were torn, and all the vinyl had huge cracks from the Texas heat. Over the years, other people’s lives had spilled down into every rip and crevice in the car. The car wouldn’t start. Again. So, we sat and waited. She put her hands on top of mine, her slender fingers warm and comforting, and said, “Tell me a story.” She closed her eyes slowly. Sweat from my body seeped into the fabric seats, and my legs stuck to the vinyl parts. I kept talking as the car heated up.


Dustin Hodge is a documentarian, journalist, and producer. His work highlights the resiliency of America’s rural communities.

Photo credit: Brecht Bug

One Response to “Tell Me a Story”

  1. Tony Press says:

    Oh, cars, those often unsung members of the family.
    I love this story!

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