The Apocalypse

apocalypseIf he’d found out about the heroin, we’d been over sooner. Maybe that would have been better. He was Christian and wore a tiny gold cross under his shirt. He had tatts as well. They weren’t super religious-y, just something from the Apocalypse. He lived really clean because he believed in that. He made me feel safe. I liked that. But in the end, you can’t be shooting up at work and saying grace at home. He lived with me for two weeks. He said he couldn’t stay with someone who kept snakes. I said I had the snakes first.


Bonnie Smetts is a designer and writer. Her non-fiction work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Travel Section and in the anthologies 30 Days in Italy, Best Travel Writing and Best Women’s Travel Writing. She is currently working on two novels

Photo credit: Dean Thorpe

2 Responses to “The Apocalypse”

  1. Peter Brown says:

    Hey Bonnie,

    Went looking to see if your novel has been published, and found this piece. Wow, very evocative & nicely crafted enigma, all in one paragraph.

    Peter B.

  2. Jackie Davis Martin says:

    Hi, Bonnie,

    It’s me, from your past. I came across your story in Grant’s 100 word journal and really enjoyed it.

    Good for you!


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