The Carnival Ride Isn’t Over

Image of people with hands up on the Cyclone rollercoaster.It’s late. We sprawl on the back porch with a couple beers, while you reminisce about that time you and an Army buddy drove his cousin’s Duster straight through the night all the way to Coney Island because neither of you had ever ridden a real rollercoaster, only lived one.

There are so many questions I want to ask about those years, the war—but don’t. Why resurrect those demons? You take another sip and strap your tired body once more into the Cyclone’s cracked red vinyl seat, fingers splayed wide as you surrender to each sharp curve and fall.


Kristin Tenor finds inspiration in life’s quiet details and believes in their power to illuminate the extraordinary. Read more at[/author_info]

Photo Credit: Luna Park NYC

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