The Latest and Greatest Technology

technologyHer box said Susie-bot, but he called her Cindy. Susie-bot was more suitable, but such a name would have hindered the experience. After all, she was supposed to be the latest advancement in wife-simulating technology. He’d put off buying her for a year, unable to believe the hype, but she really was far superior to a human wife. It even said so on the box. She didn’t want kids, never expected flowers, always parked the car perfectly, and never spent money on getting her hair done. He’d never been happier with a purchase.

The following day Apple released Susie-bot 2.0.

Nikki McVey is a recent college graduate who, when her nose is not in a book, spends her time dreaming up stories. She is delighted to say that this is her first publication, and she vows it will not be her last.

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  1. Paul Beckman says:

    Hard to believe a 1st publication. Excellent & many more.

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