The Toad

dreamy-highway-kentucky-heather-ruschmanFlattened by a car, its arms spread out, a little like Jesus. The sun had baked it as crisp as a potato chip.

“Poor toad,” Maria said. “Didn’t know how to cross the road.”

“Maybe he thought the car was a new friend,” I said. “Rushing to greet him.”

“Or he was puzzling how such a small thing in the distance could become so large.”

We spent hours in such conversations. It was nice, how we never talked about what was next, who we were together. As if the toad wasn’t part of every  story in its way, even ours.


For more, read Meg Pokrass’s interview with Grant Faulkner in 100 Word Story.

“The Toad” is part of Fissures, a collection of 100-word stories. It was included on Wigleaf’s 2015 list of Top (Very) Short Fictions.

Grant Faulkner is executive director of National Novel Writing Month and co-founder of 100 Word Story.

5 Responses to “The Toad”

  1. twag says:

    A really cute story. Perfect finishing

  2. Elle Rangler says:

    Great truly inspiring.

  3. Fatima says:

    Wonderful Story

  4. Tony Press says:

    Excellent story from top to bottom – especially the final paragraph and that perfect final sentence.

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