Thicker than Water

blood is thickerI took my grandfather out to dinner for his birthday, because it seemed the proper thing to do. Neither of us particularly wanted to go to dinner together, but since he was alone and I happened to be visiting town during his birthday, I felt compelled to insist. My grandfather and I don’t have much in common; he’s a retired arms dealer, I am a circus clown. But after some torturous small talk concerning weather and health, as the meal began, we were finally able to come together as family in the way we treated our waitress like total shit.


Jean-Luc Bouchard is a writer living in New York and a graduate of Vassar College, where he studied English, Music, and Asian Studies. His short fiction has been published in Specter, Umbrella Factory, Danse Macabre, and Eastlit. His portfolio and contact information can be found on his website.

Photo credit: Rinzi Ruiz


4 Responses to “Thicker than Water”

  1. Love the last sentence

  2. Dirk Ruemenapp says:

    It’s Kafkaesque in its perfect succinctness!

  3. Kathy Morris-Weber says:

    Great twist..great humor….great writing.

  4. Stacy Milboouer says:

    This story rocks. What a talent.

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