Image of a bright red cardinal on a branch in the snow.In the bare branches of the hedge outside my window sits a cardinal, his handsome red coat fluffed against the wind and flakes of snow that drift from a clouded sky. We are huddled in defense against the cold, he with his vibrant feathers, me with my cup of tea. He breathes the frigid air in and out again as we wait. We are connected in our anticipation, sustained by our shared hope that spring will return to soothe our aching limbs and renew our fragile hearts with purpose. But until then, we focus on breathing. Once more, and again.


Alisa Williams was born and raised in Michigan and now lives in South Bend, Indiana, with a demanding husky and three nearly identical ginger cats.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Boyer

5 Responses to “Wait”

  1. Arleigh Farrell says:

    I like the idea of having purpose renewed in spring

  2. Mikyong RO says:

    What a poem!!!

  3. Yvonne Morris says:

    Loved this.

  4. Jesse McQuay says:


  5. Rosanne Trost says:

    The beauty of the cardinal matches the beauty of your words.

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