All The Lies I’ve Told You So Far

Image of a dead bird on the streetThe playground is closing now.
The ball pool isn’t open.
We have to hold hands in the car park.
We have no more chocolate in the house.
The dentist is very fun.
We’re nearly there.
That drawing is amazing!
You are so good at sharing!
Yes, everyone’s going to bed now.
Yes, that dog is playing with that squirrel.
That bird has fallen asleep in the road.
Abigail’s cat had to go away.
That shouty man is being silly.
I’ll keep the bad ponies away in the night.
We always say please.
We always say sorry.
It’s okay.
Everything’s fine.

Mel George lives and writes in Bristol, UK.

Photo Credit: Jon Sullivan

8 Responses to “All The Lies I’ve Told You So Far”

  1. Donna Beriont says:

    That’s a very good piece. That is the truth.

  2. Really enjoyed this piece. Thank you for sharing. Well done.

  3. KennyMarsach says:

    the point of this story is that you can fool a person to think everything is okay when its not. what I learned is that if your good at be a the deception people will believe your lies.

  4. Jenna says:

    Great honesty of how we are oftentimes a bit dishonest.

  5. TOm says:

    MARAVILLOSO!me inspiras a escribir!

  6. I love this. Must forward to my son who heard them all.

  7. I plead guilty to practically all of those lies and a few more. I enjoyed reading this.

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