Beer Pong at Tiffany’s

beer pongLast night, a girl asked about my namewhy it’s Misty; are my parents hippies? I said no, they’re Native American. Incredulous, she half-shouted over the music, “Damn, girl! Use it to your advantage! Take all the fucking fish!” Alarmed, I asked what she meant. She indicated that in her hometown, the Native people “stole all the fish” because of their superior rights, and I should capitalize and “benefit” as much as I could from my heritage. Plot twist: I’m from a fishing tribe on the ocean that doesn’t have any fishing rights. 
And the white girls strike again.  

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  1. david Zander says:

    Such ugly scenes in MN and Wisconsin over this issue. . good to hear your voice. Good news – we now have Peggy Flanagan, white earth reservation, elected LT Gov with Tim Walz. Had native American singers at her swearing in. Was in beautiful Ojibwe dress.

  2. Whaea G says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I teach English to indigenous Maori students in New Zealand. They will totally be able to identify with this. Thank you for your koha (gift)

  3. James Smith says:

    That’s how it goes. As a South African living in the US, I know exactly how intense stereotypes can get.

  4. Alexsondra Tomasulo says:

    So precise. It’s authenticity reverberates. I love the last sentence, and yet, poor white girl doesn’t really win, it is she who needs more compassion. You have written an excellent piece, winner.

  5. Patricia says:

    I am not sure And the white girls strike again does justice to the fine story. It makes you sound as bigoted as the white girl’s remark.

  6. Dusty Rose says:

    One person’s ignorance is another person’s spilled ink. It’s interesting how this format makes you see more than just what the words say by the way the words must each be counted carefully. A judicious use of 100 words.

  7. This white girl needs to take all the common sense. Privilege is a hell of a thing isn’t it?

  8. Brittany McMahon says:

    I love how its short and too the point. Makes the story strong and powerful! Love the ending.

  9. Dana Shaw says:

    Steal ALL the fish! Irony alive and well.

  10. Brent says:

    Another beautifully written piece that leaves the reader longing for more!!

    “Good writing excites me, and makes life worth living.” -Harold Pinter

  11. Inga Skol says:

    Peel back your skin, to reveal fish scales like a mermaid, “oh these fish???” White girls strike again 😛

  12. Joy Manné says:

    Oh, i breathed in a deep breath at the end and said the OH aloud. Oh, how well constructed. Oh what a great ending. Well done.

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