Bras Left Behind with Bros

bras left behind III.

Lightly padded, half cup, blue polkas.

Manhattan. Madison Avenue brownstone.

First floor, Hermes. Second floor, Hamlet.

Hamlet likes giving massages but will not touch my feet when I sleep over, my toes at his nose. His fingers are daddy-long-legs that steal cigarettes, play heartstrings and stop short of undoing shorts. You can have any guy, he says, meaning, besides me.



Off-white wired lace, diamond cut nipple holes.

Denver suburban sprawl.

One level ranch.

Divorced, Barbie Ken talks big hunting game and football. Wife left him three untrained Weiner dogs peeing on linoleum kitchen floor. I tiptoe through in the morning.


Etkin Camoglu is currently a PhD fiction candidate at Florida State University who is from New York by way of Arizona by way of Istanbul.


Photo credit: r. nial bradshaw


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  1. Amber says:

    I love it!

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