Durable Power

I found the form giving me durable power of attorney for my father’s health care. He died eleven and a half years ago. I should throw the form out, or, in keeping with my husband’s data-theft paranoia, shred it, burn it, and place the sodden ashes in trash receptacles at least a hundred feet apart from each other. Instead, I put it back in the filing cabinet, where I put everything I don’t want to deal with, even when dealing is no longer necessary.

Besides, one day I might use my power to bring my father back from the dead.

Ann Gelder is the author of the novel Bigfoot and the Baby (Bona Fide Books) and numerous published short stories.

Photo Credit: Isaac Bowen

5 Responses to “Durable Power”

  1. Carol Adler says:

    Poignant. I relate to your piece, with files of documents, no longer needed, but hard to let go…

  2. June Wolfman says:

    Vivid with humor and a sense of loss, tied together by the last line!


  3. Dawn says:

    Very powerful. I love this.

  4. You are a powerful woman. Great story,

  5. emily says:

    <3 love

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