knees-epistemologyYou are asking for my certainty. I reveal it. It thumps your chest, your mouth. Knowing is a procedure to reach theorem, and we find knowing is in the context of senses. Taste creating ideas. The movement of one part attains exponent, then many things move as one. It feels like hours in smooth parentheses, digression in a sentence, punctuated timely being. A study of. A dent of. Your questions direct to my curving answer-state. We balance. Selves solving and dissolving. We in the ecosphere, this is how we find data, this shared collecting, rolling us into the new age.

Vanessa Couto Johnson earned her MFA at Texas State University. She runs treksift.com, blogs at meansofpoetry.com, and has a BA in both English and philosophy from Rice University.

Photo credit: Jeremy Chivers


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  1. Scot Cameron says:

    Vivid and precise, with a plangent cadence. Thank you!

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