National Flash Fiction Day Story Winners

We’re excited to post the winning 100-word stories from National Flash Fiction Day’s micro-fiction competition. Be sure to celebrate National Flash Fiction Day on June 21.


never let me goNever Let Me Go

First it was cartons and tins on the worktops, then newspapers on the stairs. Each window-sill sparkled with tin foil. He made me a necklace of ring-pulls and bottle tops. Like swans we perched on our bundles of rags and flattened boxes, smoothing the creases from wrappers. The hallway was Manhattan, a canyon of towering piles. Across the no man’s land in our bedroom our fingertips would touch, until one day they couldn’t anymore. From the other side, perplexed, he watched the tears slide down my face. He threw me two empty film canisters to catch them in.

By Cathy Lennon


Night-time Knitting

gorilla IIA gorilla is living in my cupboard. Every night, he swaggers onto my bed and waits for me to wake-up. I pretend to be asleep but hear his knitting needles clicking together. He is making a very long scarf for me. Squinting at him from under my blanket, I see his huge hairy hands scratch his scalp in disappointment. He looks sad. A pang of guilt hits me. I sit up and he hands me a ball of pink wool. His watery eyes meet my gaze. He is lonely. We lean against each other and knit until sunrise.

By Roz Mascall


If Kissed by a Dragon Fish

dragonfish IIIf kissed by a dragonfish, do not bite. If kissed by a dragonfish, make sure you are sitting. Do not worry during the kiss, before the kiss, or after. Do not worry about a scale or two between your teeth. The dragonfish’s skin is armoured but its heart beats loud and soft. You will not forget the kiss. You will not forget the coolness of the dragonfish’s breath inside your lungs. You will look down through the floor of glass and see nothing, swimming. You will part, like an ocean, and on your sea bed you will pearl.

By Tania Hershman


Photo Credits

Never Let Me Go: Photograph by Lindsay Blair Brown
Knitting: Photograph by Ryan Vaarsi
Dragonfish: Photograph by Michael Brashier

3 Responses to “National Flash Fiction Day Story Winners”

  1. R says:

    I’m certain this is my lack of understanding but, how are the first the third place entries “stories?” There is no narrative there just description. Also these feel elegant prose and metaphor (many of which are lost on me). So much writing seems to me like it is written for other writers but impenetrable by regular readers. The power of a story, in my opinion, is that it connects in a profound way and as such is shareable.

  2. Great writing by all…wonderful mood setting and descriptive words

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