Photo Story: A&V

Sunset image with a light leakWe had a little photo store in Old Tappan. Our father named it Gold Star Photos. My brother and I spent summers in the back, where the studio was, not doing summer homework. ‘Click-flash’ went our Kodak disposables. Oh-so-temptingly near, the rolled-up backdrop for passport photos hung suspended from the ceiling like enormous toilet paper. Once, we took the end and pulled. The unrolling was glorious. Giant’s bumwad. Ha-ha-ha! A riot. You should have seen how we cried when scolded.

Still, shame didn’t stop us from peeking into the darkroom later, before the door slammed in our faces. Too late.

When Victoria Cho was young, she would sometimes stop and think to herself, “this is important and I will remember it forever.” How right you were, little me.

Photographer: Richard PJ Lambert

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