Required Summer Reading

My grandma kept her pocket paperback romance novels in the scary spare room on the second floor, directly to the right of the J-shaped staircase, the one we’d ride down on the old dishwasher box pretending there was winter snow during summer break, and I’d sneak into that room, the one with the grotesquely large stuffed pink bunny and glassy-eyed dolls, the room where the western sun baked the contents untouchable, and, kneeling on the sizzling, rough carpet, I’d fan the worn pages for two seconds across my thumb, find where I knew it got good, and savor the heat.

Kimberly Tolson is an English Instructor at Walla Walla Community College and lives in Lewiston, Idaho, with her two dogs and partner.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk



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  1. Dave Gilbert says:

    Best 100-word sentence since Charles Dickens!

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