Until I took it off, I never realized how much I noticed my wedding band (chiming quietly against utensils, loosening its grip when I showered, orbiting my finger secretly throughout the day). There’s still an indentation where the ring sat for seven years, and I rub the smooth skin daily. She told me she never took hers off, even when she spent the night with him. Her voice sounded comforting, almost like an apology. Two months later, she left for good — laid her ring on the counter. Mine stayed on for two more years, pressing down, denting my skin, hoping.


Jeff Simonds teaches writing at Hartwick College, lives with a cat, and sings in the shower … and also out of the shower.


Photo Credit: Jon Payne

8 Responses to “Rings”

  1. david zen Basho says:

    Rings true!

    My wife died four years ago and I often want to wear my ring . Seems like to the world after a death of a beloved – we are flung into the category amunmarried! But that is not how I feel.

    I feel like following the trail of cairns up into the cold mountain,,,footsteps of Han Shan, ancient Chinese hermits.

  2. Salvador Solomon says:

    Very touching…..

  3. abhiniti says:


  4. abhiniti says:

    love this

  5. Jason Peck says:


  6. Bill says:

    Captures the slow drip of loss.

  7. Janice says:

    Truly a whole story packed into those 100 words

  8. Ginger Snow says:

    So very poignant.

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