Circadian Rhythms

Image from inside a cave.They selected me because I was an experienced spelunker, placing electrodes on my temples, cheek bones, and chest to monitor my vitals underground, tracking my time waking and sleeping. The scientists wanted to know, without clocks or interaction with the outside world, would my body still run on a twenty-four-hour clock? My newly six-year-old daughter called it “cicadan” rhythm, hissing, shaking her small body to express her disapproval that I would not re-appear until she was six years and two months old. She, the ultimate timekeeper, couldn’t account for that kind of absence. “Only monsters live in caves,” she said.






Dominique Zino is a professor at a community college in New York City. She is excited to be writing fiction again after a long hiatus.

Art Credit: solarisgirl

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  1. Jess says:

    I love this. That ending really rounded everything out!

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