The Silver Danio

Boy and Girl meet in the river, and when Girl points with seductive slowness at a school of silver danio, Boy dives in to capture one. He places the fish in her hand, and she brings it near her face, feels its muscles twist, smells its glimmering scent. Later, Boy grows into Man. Often he wonders if Girl remembers him. The answer: Yes. Girl has established a tradition of baking elaborate fish dishes every Tuesday for her family. And often, when her husband kisses her, she remembers Boy’s particular lust and the twisting of the small fish in her hand.



Jeremy Hawkins holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where he was the recipient of the Morton Fellowship. He is also the founder of The Distillery (, a consortium of editors, writers, and artistic ne’er-do-wells who provide proofreading and copyediting services for creative projects. Jeremy currently lives and writes in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Photo Credit: Matt Bilton

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